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August 11, 2023

The Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Roofing in Winston Salem, NC

At Camel City Roofing, we understand that your home is more than just a building – it’s a personal sanctuary and a significant investment. One of the most critical aspects of your home is the roof, acting as the first line of defense against weather and external elements. 

However, like everything else, your roof isn’t immune to wear and tear. Over time, even the most durable roofs can start showing signs of aging and damage, particularly in Winston Salem, NC, where our diverse weather patterns can take a toll on your home’s exterior.

Recognizing the signs that it’s time to replace your roofing can save you from costly roof repair services down the line. But understanding these signs requires some knowledge about what to look for. That’s why we’ve created this guide outlining the top five signs that it might be time to replace your roofing in Winston Salem, NC.

From the age of your roof to visible damage, we’ll walk you through each sign, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions about the health of your roof. Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been living in your house for decades, keep reading to learn when it might be time to call a premier roofing contractor for a roof replacement.

1. The Age of Your Roof

The first and most obvious sign that it might be time for a new roof is its age. Most asphalt shingle roofs last between 15 to 30 years. If your roof in Winston Salem is approaching this age range, it’s worth having a professional roofer look, even if there aren’t any visible signs of damage. In North Carolina, where we experience various weather conditions, this wear and tear can be particularly harsh on your roof.

2. Damaged or Missing Shingles

Another clear sign that your roofing in Winston Salem, NC, may need replacing is damaged or missing shingles. Over time, shingles can crack, curl, or even fall off entirely due to weather exposure and aging. If you notice a few damaged shingles here and there, they can likely be replaced individually. However, widespread damage or loss of shingles usually indicates it’s time for a new roof. 

Wondering what materials you should use? Camel City can help you through the selection process of asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, and more.

3. Granules in the Gutters

Asphalt shingles are coated with granules that help protect them from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Over time, these granules can begin to wear off and accumulate in your gutters. If you start noticing granules in your gutters, it could be a sign that your shingles are nearing the end of their life expectancy.

4. Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. Sagging can be caused by several issues, including structural problems, water damage, or even improper installation. If you notice any sagging, contact a professional roofer in Winston Salem, NC, like Camel City Roofing.

5. Leaks and Water Damage

The last sign that it might be time to replace your roofing in Winston Salem, NC, is leaks or water damage. If you notice water stains on your ceilings or walls, it could mean that your roof is letting in water. While a single leak can often be repaired, multiple leaks or widespread water damage usually mean it’s time for a new roof. 

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. Ignoring the need for a roof replacement can lead to more serious issues down the line and cost you more in repairs. At Camel City Roofing, we understand how intimidating it can be when facing a major home improvement project like roof replacement. That’s why we strive to provide our customers with the best service and advice they need to make informed decisions about their homes. 

Contact us today for a free roof replacement estimate, and let us help you get your home back in shape. 

Maintaining Your Roof Over Time

While it’s important to recognize when it’s time to replace your roofing in Winston Salem, NC, it’s also essential to take steps to maintain the quality of your roof over time. Regular inspections can help you catch problems early on before they become more severe issues down the line. 

Additionally, you can apply preventive maintenance by cleaning your gutters and ensuring all shingles remain intact. These small tasks can help you maintain your roof’s longevity and keep money in your pocket. 

At Camel City Roofing, we offer roofing services to help preserve your roof. Contact us today to get more information on our maintenance services and keep your home looking great all year long! 

How Do You Find Roofers in Winston Salem?

Finding roofers in Winston Salem, NC, requires a bit of research and diligence. Fortunately, the internet makes this process a lot easier. Before hiring any roofer, read customer reviews and get quotes from multiple roofing contractors. You should also be wary of anyone offering suspiciously low prices as they may not use quality materials or perform up to standard.

be able to provide both residential and commercial roofing services. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you choose roofing contractors:

  • Ask for Recommendations: Start by asking for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have recently had work done on their roofs in Winston Salem. This can often lead you to reliable local contractors.
  • Online Research: Use online platforms such as Google, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau to research different roofing companies in your area. These platforms provide reviews and ratings that can help you gauge a company’s reputation. Additionally, you can assess the roofing materials they use, including metal roofing, shingles, slate, etc.
  • Check Ratings and Reviews: Look for a roofing contractor with high ratings and positive customer feedback. Remember, a company with a 4-star rating or above is usually a good bet.
  • Get Quotes: Once you have a shortlist, reach out to these companies for quotes. Be sure to compare the prices and what’s included in each quote.
  • Ask About Experience, Licensing, and Insurance: Don’t be shy about asking potential Winston Salem roofers about their experience, licensing, and insurance. A reputable contractor will gladly provide information about their professional roofing services.
  • Consider Quality over Cost: While it can be tempting to simply go for the cheapest option, remember that quality is key when it comes to your roof. A good roofer, like Camel City Roofing, will offer fair pricing and stand behind their work with warranties and guarantees.

By following these steps, you should be able to find a reputable roofer in Winston Salem, NC, who can provide the services you need at a fair price. Dependable Winston Salem roofing contractors should be able to provide both residential and commercial roofing services. 

Trust Camel City Roofing Services

Choosing reputable roofers in Winston Salem, NC, is more manageable than it may seem if you follow the right steps. It’s crucial to remember that your home’s roof is an investment that protects your entire house, and it should only be attempted by professional, experienced contractors who prioritize quality workmanship.

At Camel City Roofing, we are committed to providing top-notch commercial and residential roofing systems. We understand that every home is unique and offer personalized solutions to meet your needs. Our team is comprised of licensed and insured professionals with years of experience in the industry. We use only the highest quality materials and ensure each new roof installation is completed to the highest standards.

We believe in transparent communication and will provide you with a detailed quote for roof repairs and replacement, walking you through each aspect of the job so you know exactly what to expect with roofing in Winston Salem, NC. And once the work begins, our team will work efficiently to minimize disruption to your daily life.

Camel City isn’t just a roofing company in Winston Salem; we’re your neighbors and friends, committed to keeping homes in Winston Salem safe and protected, one roof at a time. Calculate an instant estimate for your roof repair or installation today!