Camel City Roofing

Frequently Asked Questions

As a local roofing company, Camel City Roofers wants our customers to feel comfortable and confident in our services! That’s why we’re answering your frequently asked questions about roof replacement, roof repairs, and what you can expect from Winston-Salem roofers! If you’re ready to work with a roof repair company near you, don’t hesitate to contact our team for a free roofing estimate!

What services are performed during a roof inspection?

As residential roofers, we take our time to ensure a thorough roofing inspection. During a roof inspection, one of our technicians will inspect your roof’s shingles, vents, penetrations, and flashing to see if there’s any damage. Once we evaluate your roof, we’ll take measurements and pictures of your roof so that we can move forward with incredibly prepared service.

Do I have to be present during the roof inspection?

We do not require homeowners to be present during a roofing inspection. However, we prefer having you present to discuss any issues we discover during the inspection.

Will someone from the roof repair company always walk my roof before a final quote is given?

In most instances, one of our team members will personally walk your roof. However, sometimes the condition of the shingles or the height and pitch of the roof does not allow our team members to complete an inspection safely. In these instances, we fly a drone around your home and take pictures of all roof facets, so we can assess all roof damage repair before starting service.

When should I expect my roofing repairs to start?

When it comes to roof repairs in Winston-Salem or Greensboro, there are several steps our team must complete before starting a project, like gathering all the necessary materials and taking care of any preparations. Our team will always notify you of our expected start date, so you know exactly when and how long our service will take place.

What should I expect during a roof repair or installation?

During a roof repair or roof installation, the process can be rather messy, and at times loud. Our crew always tarps and protects landscaping and nearby items before starting a project, so your property stays as pristine as possible. However, because the roof replacement process can be loud, we advise that any noise-sensitive family members or pets vacate your property while we work on your roof.

What can I do to prepare my home before the roofing project begins?

We send our Camel City Construction Checklist to help all our customers have a smooth roofing installation or repair experience! This checklist runs through all necessary steps that must be completed prior to the project’s start dates.

How long will it take before Camel City Roofing can start on my roof?

On average, we start on most roofing projects within 2-3 weeks, so roof damage repairs are addressed quickly and you can enjoy a secure roof sooner rather than later.

What kind of payment schedule or deposits does Camel City Roofing require for a project?

As Winston Salem roofers, Camel City Roofing requests a 10% deposit, and payment in full after completing a project. We always communicate payment scheduling to our customers after you sign your contract. However, if there are any delays in work due to inclement weather or product availability, we will notify you immediately.

Is there a roofing permit required for a project? If so, who has to get the permit?

Even though we are a local roofing company, roofing permits are not necessary to complete your roofing project.

What kind of property clean-up does Camel City Roofers conduct after a roofing service?

Our team conducts a thorough inspection and clean-up of the property after service is completed, so there is no debris left behind.

Does Camel City have liability and workers comp insurance?

Yes! As Winston Salem roofers, we do our best to protect our team on every project.

Do you have a State, County, or City contractor’s license?

Yes, we have a Contractor’s License that is on public record under Richard Turner.

Are you partnered with any roofing supply companies?

Yes! We’re proud partners with Certainteed, Roofing Insights, and Directorii.

Are you members of any roofing organizations?

Yes! We are currently members of Roofing Insights and Directorii.

Does Camel City Roofing offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee? If so, what does this mean to your company and team?

Yes, we do! As a local roofing company, this means that our customer is completely satisfied with every aspect of our service when we complete the work.

Does your team accept emergency calls?

Yes, currently our team accepts emergency calls during normal business hours!

What brands does Camel City Roofing use, and why do you use them? Do you use these exclusively or do you use other recognized brands?

When it comes to roofing damage repair and roof replacements, we use reliable brands that help ensure the safety and longevity of your roof. We love using Certainteed because of their reliable extended warranties, but we also use other brands such as IKO and Owens Corning!

Does Camel City Roofing always remove the existing shingles before installing a new roof? If so, why?

Yes, we always remove existing shingles. We never install roofing over old roofing - for more information, explore this helpful resource.

Do you always remove the existing underlayment of a roof? If so, why?

Yes, we always remove the existing underlayment, especially materials like old felt paper. We do this so that the roof deck can be inspected for any damage. 

Will all materials be delivered before my roof is torn off?

If materials are being delivered on the day of removal they may not arrive before we start. We arrange most deliveries on the day of roof removal to arrive between 8-10 am.

What happens if it rains during the middle of my roofing project? How can Camel City Roofing protect my exposed roof?

As a rule of thumb, we try not to start a roofing project if there is a big chance of rain during our scheduled project. If it happens to rain during the roof replacement, our team will cover the roof in underlayment and tarps to prevent water entry.

Before starting a roof installation or repair, does your team tarp the ground? If not, how do you make sure that all debris is picked up?

Yes, our team always tarps and covers all work areas for maximum protection on job sites. We also use the Catch-All tarp system on every job we work. When it comes to roof repairs in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and other areas in the Piedmont Triad, you can count on our team to protect your property.

At the end of a roof installation or roof repair, will you use a magnet to pick up the nails left on the job site?

Yes, at the end of every job we run a magnet over all work areas, so everyone remains safe.

Who inspects the roof at the end of the project?

The project manager will always inspect the roof repair or roof installation at the end of every project. However, if you choose to upgrade your roof to a 5-star warranty, a Certainteed shingle representative will also be present for the roof inspection.

What should I expect once the roof installation has been completed?

After we complete all necessary roof repairs, our team will conduct a post-completion project inspection, where we thoroughly evaluate the condition and security of your roof. We will then walk around your home and make sure you are satisfied with the work before departing. As roofers near you, our team takes customer service at satisfaction with the utmost importance!

What happens if the sheathing or flashing needs repairs before the new roof is installed? What happens next?

Our team always takes care of these repairs before any new roofing is installed. We always document the damage with pictures to show you and seek approval from the homeowner to move ahead with repairs as soon as possible.

What awards and achievements does Camel City Roofing have?

We are proud Certainteed Select Shingle Masters!

What time can I expect the team to arrive and depart when they are working on my project?

Our team will arrive between 7-8 am and leave between 5-6 pm each day we work on your roof replacement or repair.

When should I expect materials to be delivered?

We have all necessary materials and supplies arrive either the day before or the day of a roof replacement or roof repair job, so we can begin as soon as we arrive on the job site!

If any concerns come up during the installation, who can I contact to resolve the problem?

Contact your project manager for any questions, concerns, or complications that arise during your project!

What happens if I need additional service after the roof installation?

Please do not hesitate to contact our office - we will take care of any lingering issues pertaining to your roof installation!