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Roof Repair or Replacement in Winston-Salem
October 28, 2021

Roof Repair Vs. Replacement in Winston-Salem

If you’ve been seeing leaks and stains on your ceiling or walls but aren’t sure where they’re coming from, the culprit is most likely your poor roof. Most homes will require a roof replacement at least once during their lifetime, and most roofs last between 25 and 50 years. But how can you tell if your roof needs to be replaced rather than repaired?

It’s most effective to be aware of roof deterioration signs so you can catch the problem early—saving you money and trouble. After all, the roof is what keeps your home safe and comfortable.

When you need a roof repair or replacement in Winston-Salem, NC, you should contact Winston-Salem roofing contractors to see what damage your roof is facing. If you’re searching for expert assistance and friendly service, Camel City Roofing is ready to assist! Our professional team can roof inspections and assess the condition to determine the best course of action.

What are the indicators for roof repair or replacement (Winston-Salem)? Let’s find out.

Is Your Roof Rotting?

If you detect spongy, soft areas on your roof, the wood beneath them has probably rotted. Roofs that have been neglected for an extended period will end up costing a lot of money in repairs later on, so inspect any mushy or stained regions.

In particular, roof erosion and water damage are common problems that a roofing business can address in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Mold and discoloration are apparent indicators of these issues, which may get worse if left untreated. If it damages enough of the structure of your roof to cause it to droop, it might collapse in the future.

If you notice wood rot and require a roof repair or replacement in Winston-Salem, contact Camel City Roofing for an instant roofing estimate and friendly roof repair service you can trust!

Leaky Roofs: Roof Repair or Replace (Winston-Salem)

Roof leaks are perhaps the most frequent reason for roof replacement, and they’re also one of the easiest indicators to detect. Stains are frequently linked with roof leaks on your ceiling or walls, but they can also cause damage to the wood frame of your home’s exterior walls.

Roof leaks are frequently caused by tiny tears in your roof where shingles or tiles have come loose. If you start to see cracks in your attic with light peaking through, your roof will likely suffer from leaking.

Leaking can cause problems such as:

  • Damaged ceilings
  • Rotted framing and roof sheathing
  • Mold
  • Insulation that’s wet or destroyed

If you notice areas on your wall that seem sagging or to bulge, there’s a chance the framing is failing. This is when leaks can be dangerous. Roofing contractors will be able to tell you if your roof needs an upgrade or if it can simply be repaired.

For your roof repair or roof replacement in Winston-Salem, trust the roofing contractors at Camel City Roofing to get the job done right!

Need New Shingles?

If your roof is in bad shape to the point that you’re staring at exposed wood and faded shingles, roof replacement is most likely necessary. Shingles that have been curled, broken, or lost are all signs that your roof may need a complete make-over. If the damage is minor, individual shingles might be replaced one at a time. However, severe damage might necessitate a total roof replacement.

If your shingles have curled for more than a year or have been broken by more than 30 percent, they may need to be replaced. Camel City Roofing can assess if you need a roof repair or replacement, and determine the best course of action from there.

No matter if your roof requires minor repairs and patchwork or if it’s time to replace shingles and upgrade, we’ll help you rebuild your roof and get it back to looking great in no time!

Consider the Age of Your Roof

Have you recently bought a house, and you’re not sure if you require roof repair or replacement in Winston-Salem?

Roofs are expected to endure for approximately 30 years before the need for replacement arises, but if you’re unsure of the age, a roofing company can help you find out.

Signs of an old roof:

  • Sagging
  • Moss
  • Blistering Shingles
  • Bald shingles
  • Curling or buckling shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Granules found in the gutter
  • Damaged wood

While roofing materials can last for decades, roofing technology has improved immensely to create longer-lasting products that are affordable and durable.

Roofs made of metal or newer composites like fiberglass tend to be more resistant to weather damage than roofs crafted out of slate or asphalt shingles. Contact Camel City Roofing to explore services in Winston Salem roofing company.

When to Seek Roof Repair from a Roofing Contractor

As roof repair is more cost-effective than a new roof in Winston-Salem, it’s best to catch roof damage before it becomes too severe. Identifying roof repair problems early can save you money and time.

If you have minor damage to an isolated area of shingles, the repair can likely be inexpensive and straightforward. However, if one complete side of your roof is damaged, it may be more expensive and challenging to complete the job while matching the previous shingles.

With roof repair, it’s essential to know what you’re getting. Many roofers may claim they can fix almost any roof defect, but this isn’t always true. There are roofing companies that will offer roof patchwork for steep discounts, but it won’t be long before the problem comes back. You can trust Camel City Roofing to give you an accurate quote and explanation of your situation.

If you need roof repair or replacement in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, schedule an appointment with Camel City Roofing for roof replacement in Winston-Salem. We’ll help patch up roof leaks before they damage your home further! But, don’t just take our word for it – explore our project gallery to see our previous work!

The Advantages of Roof Replacement

It will help protect your roof and attic from water damage that can cause such inconvenience as mold growth or insulation that’s wet or destroyed. It also offers the instant aesthetic satisfaction of a beautiful roof free of discoloration, dried leaves, drooping shingles, cracked tiles, and more!

Getting a roof replaced offers the following benefits:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Peace of mind
  • Curb appeal

While a new roofing installation will be more expensive at the moment, it may save more money in the long run from constant repairs and damage. When deciding if you need roof repair or replacement in Winston-Salem, it’s important to evaluate the impact of your decision long-term.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

The roof replacement cost in Winston-Salem varies depending on the roofer, roof type, roofing material, and roof size.

Here are some examples of the cost of a 3,000 square foot basic roof replacement, as well as how it would influence your overall expense:

  • Metal roofing: $17,000
  • Wood shingles: $21,000
  • Asphalt shingle: $10,000
  • Slate tile roofs: $26,000

Asphalt shingles are the most popular, as they are less expensive than other materials and easier to install. Concrete shingle roofs cost about $5 per square foot to replace.

Although it’s worth it in the long run, roof replacement is expensive. Before you decide, shop around for a free roof inspection and find dependable local roofers that will give you excellent service at a reasonable price.

Proper roof repair or replacement in Winston-Salem can ensure your roof continues to protect you from the elements. For roof repair or roof replacement in Winston-Salem, contact Camel City Roofing today at 336-860-ROOF (7663)! Camel City Roofing is committed to helping homeowners like you keep their roofs looking great and working properly.