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Repaired Roof Damage On Shingle Roof
July 21, 2022

The 5 Most Common Signs of Roof Damage

The roof is one of the most pivotal aspects of your home; it protects you from the elements and keeps your family safe and dry. Unfortunately, roofs can be harmed by a variety of things, from storm damage to age and wear and tear.

If you think your roof might be damaged, it’s essential to know how to spot the signs, so you can get it fixed as soon as possible. At Camel City Roofing, we’re here to give you the information you need to maintain your roof.

There are a few key signs that you can look for to see if your roof is damaged and in need of repair or replacement.

Here are the five most common signs of roof damage and what to do if you encounter it!

What Are the Different Types of Roof Damage?

How does roof damage occur? Sometimes you may be alerted immediately by a problem after a storm, but there are several possible culprits for roofing problems.

Roof damage may be caused by a variety of sources, including:

  • Severe weather (such as high winds, a hail storm, or hurricanes)
  • Age and wear and tear
  • Trees or other debris falling on the roof
  • Poor installation or repair
  • Animal activity
  • Flying debris

If you think your roof may be damaged, it’s vital to know the signs to look for to choose an appropriate course of action. At Camel City Roofing, we’re experienced roofing experts here to help with a comprehensive roof inspection and give you the tools and services to keep your home safe.

5 Common Signs of Roof Damage

1. Sagging or Drooping 

Sagging is usually a sign of water damage or rot in your roof. Sagging regions like dark spots or mildew are not challenging to spot. If your roof leaks because of a damaged roof, water may pool and weaken its structure, causing it to sag and eventually collapse. If you see any sagging or drooping, it’s crucial to have a professional take a look as soon as possible.


2. Cracks or Splits

Cracks can be caused by a variety of things, from severe weather to age and wear and tear. They can also be caused by poor installation or roof repair. Cracks can let in water, which can cause further damage to your roof and home. If you see any cracks, have them repaired as soon as possible by a professional roofer.


3. Missing or Damaged Shingles

Shingle problems are one of the most common signs of roof damage. The presence of curling, broken, or missing shingles on your roof indicates that it requires repair. Individual shingles may be replaced if necessary, although significant damage might necessitate a whole roof replacement

If you notice that your gutters are filled with shingle granules, it’s a sign that your roof is starting to deteriorate. Over time, the granules on roofing shingles break down and wash away, leaving your roof vulnerable to water damage.

If you see that your roof is missing shingles or they are damaged or cracked, have them replaced as soon as possible to prevent further severe damage.


4. Leaks

Do you see water stains on the ceiling or in your attic beams? If the rainwater can get through a leaky roof, it can cause serious damage to the inside and outside of a home. It’s critical to address the problem as soon as possible with a leaking roof. The longer water damage exists in your house, the more severe it will be (and more costly).

If you see any leaks in your roof, it’s essential to have them repaired as soon as possible. Leaks can cause severe roof damage and, if left unrepaired, can lead to roof collapse.


5. Daylight Showing Through the Roof

During the day, go up into your attic and turn off the lights. Are there any cracks of light here and there? If light can get in, water will be able to as well. If you see daylight shining through your roof, this signifies significant damage and indicates that your roof has been compromised and needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.

If you see any of these signs of roof damage, consider hiring Camel City Roofing to take a look as soon as possible for needed roof repairs. They can assess the damage and recommend the best course of action. Roof repair or replacement is essential to maintaining the safety and value of your home, so don’t delay if you think there might be a problem.

Are you suspecting roof damage? Use our online tool to calculate an instant estimate and get a realistic idea of what to expect.


What Should You Do When You Discover Roof Damage?

If you believe your roof is damaged, get it examined by a professional roofing contractor. They’ll be able to determine the extent of the damage and offer advice on what to do next. Roof repair or replacement is necessary to preserve the safety and value of your house, so act promptly if you detect an issue. But how do you find dependable roofing professionals? What steps should you take?


  • Document Your Roof Damage

You should take pictures or videos of the roof damage, which will serve as evidence in case you need to make an insurance claim. Make sure to document the date and time the damage occurred, as well as any other relevant information. This will help your roofing contractor understand the problem and devise a plan to fix it.


  • Get a Free Roof Damage Estimate

Once you have documented the roof damage, the next step is to get a free roof damage estimate from a reputable roofing contractor. This will give you an idea of the extent of the damage and how much it will cost to fix it. It’s prudent to get multiple estimates to compare prices and services.


  • Choose a Reputable Roofing Contractor

When you’re ready to hire a roofing contractor, it’s essential to choose one that is respected and has experience dealing with roof damage. Read online reviews and get recommendations from friends or family before making your final decision.


  • Get the Roof Damage Repaired

Once you’ve found a roofing contractor you can trust, it’s time to get the roof damage repaired. The sooner you act, the better, as roof damage can lead to severe problems if left unaddressed.


Why Should You Choose Camel City Roofing to Repair Roof Damage?

Roof damage can be difficult to spot, especially if you’re unfamiliar with what to look for. That’s why it pays to have a roofing contractor you can trust to inspect your roof and identify any damage.

Camel City Roofing is a roofing company with 36 years of experience repairing roof damage. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service, and we offer a free roof estimate so that you can make an informed decision about roof repair or replacement.

Our Roofing Integrity System, Includes:

  • Calculating an instant estimate
  • Verification of your roof
  • An in-person inspection
  • Approval of job


With Camel City, you can rest assured that your roof damage will be repaired quickly and efficiently. Our long-lasting services will ensure that your roof is in prime condition in no time with the best possible customer service, roofing materials, and roofing installation in the roofing industry!

If you’re concerned about roof damage, don’t hesitate to contact Camel City Roofing today. We’ll be happy to provide a free roof estimate and answer any questions you may have.


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